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Title: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena / Brianna
Summary: Mickie and Brianna's last RAW doesn't go without incident as Shane has one last plan for Brianna and John.
Warnings: cursing, sex, violence
Length: Medium
Word Count: 1,982
Chapter #: (18/50)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Here is the next chapter. I'm not all too thrilled with it but the next chapters should be getting more interesting, well I won't say why that would ruin it all. ♥

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

Brianna struggled against the handcuff as John Morrison and Shane continued to assault the unconscious Mickie after his Coast-To-Coast. She knew they were making an example out of Mickie to show her exactly what they were both capable of. The tears burned her eyes as her voice strained from the constant screaming to their deaf ears. They looked at her and laughed as they put Mickie repeatedly through Morrison’s finisher.

“Shane please end it!” Brianna pleaded as he stalked toward her “Just stop!”

“But I’m not even close to being done yet Bri,” Shane laughed sitting next to her as he wrapped his arm around her, it took all of her strength not to flinch against his touch “She isn’t even bleeding yet.”

“Please,” Brianna said quietly.

“Alright Bri,” He nodded slowly as he stared at her, almost lovingly. “I’ll stop this.”

Quickly he got up from his spot next to her and smirked at Morrison who was dominating a struggling Mickie. With a nod Morrison DDT’d Mickie to the mat as Shane climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Brianna closed her eyes as she knew Mickie’s fate. Her heart was in her throat as she waited for the one-two-three of the referee’s count. The bell rang through the arena and the next thing she knew was someone holding her face. She screamed and lashed out as she beat her fists against their chest.

“Brianna baby open your eyes it’s me,” John’s soothing voice came.

“John,” Brianna sighed as she opened her eyes to John’s concerned face. She didn’t dare to look at the scene behind him. “John get me out of here!”

“I can’t baby, Shane has the key,” He said slowly.

“Mickie,” She said slowly as John moved so she could look at her best friend.

Randy mostly blocked her view, but she could see her surrounded by referee’s and medical personal, the stretcher was placed by the ring but they didn’t want to move her just yet. Brianna saw Mickie’s arm move to grip Randy’s hand and was relieved. She smiled at John as he kissed her forehead.

“John please get me out of here,” Brianna said tugging on the cuff as she looked desperately at John. “The cuffs are bruising me.”

“Where did Shane go?” John asked looking around the ring.

“Looking for me?” Shane smirked leaning against the opposite side of the ring. He held up the key and swung it back and forth in front of them. “Or do you just want the key?”

“The match is over Shane!” John said through gritted teeth. “Now let her go!”

“Oh but where the fun is that?” He laughed. “I want to keep her.”

“You can’t!” Brianna yelled. “The month is over! Now let me go!”

“No,” Shane smirked leaning against the ring post. His eyes went to behind Brianna and
John, “You guys better behave. I still have an hour left of her.”

“Don’t you--” John started up but was greeted with a kendo-stick to the face. Brianna screaming as he fell down beside her, reaching for his arm he was quickly pulled away from her.

“Shane don’t!” She yelled to him as he stood nonchalantly swinging the key on it’s string “You can’t do this!”

“Oh babe I can do anything!” He said holding her attention.

She heard the wind through the cane before it struck her back. Her eyes were on Shane, there was a maniacal glint to them as she fell to the mat the pain coursing through her body. There was a continuous throb through her shoulders that went to her head as she heard ringing in her ears. Brianna turned her head toward Shane as he walked slowly up to her not taking his eyes from hers. Getting close to her head he bent low so only she could hear him: “Never cross me again, or next time it will be worse. And you won’t have a precious baby to protect you!” He sneered dropping the key to the handcuffs on her chest. Looking at her calculatingly he grabbed her cheeks, turning her head toward him he kissed her roughly. Smiling he backed away and slowly walked from the ring.

John slowly came into her vision, he was favoring his left eye, she could just see a cut forming across his forehead where the kendo stick connected. Grabbing the key from her chest he rolled out of the ring and quickly unlocked her. She could barely move as the pain still ran through her body. Wrapping her arms around his neck, John quickly carried Brianna to the back as she closed her eyes and fainted.


“Brianna--Bri baby wake up,” The voice was familiar to her but it was far off. She didn’t want to open her eyes, she knew they were still there, they had to be. The place smelled wrong, and she wasn’t in the comfort of John’s arms. “Bri.”

“Why do my shoulders feel numb?” She asked not opening her eyes, through her lids she could see the fluorescent lighting of backstage.

“Numbing solution,” Another voice said, deeper and farther away; Randy’s.

“Someone sit me up,” Brianna said smiling a little “No need to blind me when I open them.” John’s arm came around her back but she could only feel his hand on her other arm.

“Are you okay?” John asked carefully as her eyes slowly adjusted to the lighting. They were still at the arena, sitting in John and Randy’s locker room.

“I’m fine,” She said slowly “It’s really annoying not to feel what I’m sitting up against.”

“You have a deep cut on your back from where Morrison hit you with the kendo stick, the Doctor thought that would help you,” John said slowly. “It should wear off soon.”

“How long have I been out?” Brianna asked quickly looking at Randy who was leaning against the far wall watching her carefully.

“About fifteen minutes,” He smiled at her.

“Mickie!” Brianna said suddenly remember the match.

“She’s okay,” Randy nodded slowly “She’s with the trainer, they think Shane fractured her arm but she’s doing okay. Mickie’s getting clearance from Steph to be out longer now.”

“I wish we didn’t have to leave straight away tomorrow morning,” She sighed resting her head on John’s shoulder.

“You aren’t the only one,” John smiled kissing her neck lightly.

“Is the show over?” She asked holding a yawn “I want to get to sleep. And I’ve got packing to do.”

“The show is over, we were just waiting for you to wake up before we took you back to the hotel,” Randy said quietly. “We weren’t sure how you would react. You reacted completely different from what we thought.”

“What you thought I would flip out?” Brianna asked quietly.

“In a way,” John smiled. “You have had a lot happen to you.”

“Well the fact that I’m leaving tomorrow, away from all of this stupid shit, that’s the reason why I’m not reacting as harshly as you thought,” Brianna said slowly. “Can we just go please?”

“John you can take you back to the hotel, I want to wait for Mickie to see how she is,” Randy smiled at his friends before leaving the room.

“He’s really worried about her isn’t he?” Brianna commented offhand as John helped her slip
on her jacket. The material rubbed her cut with every movement.

“He really cares about her,” John smiled “I’m happy for him, it’s about time he found

“Who knew my best friend and your best friend would end up together,” Brianna smiled as John
wrapped his arm around her.

“Well they aren’t together yet,” He kissed the side of her head “But we can always hope.”


Brianna sighed and ran her hand through her hair. Turning her head toward the glowing alarm clock she saw that it was three-thirty. She was beyond exhausted when she got back from the show and almost passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow. A dream reliving the events on Raw awoke her and she hadn’t been able to go back to sleep. Sitting up she looked back at John who was sleeping silently beside her. He always looked so peaceful in his sleep, like he never had a worry in the world. That his life wasn’t being risked every time he went to his job.

Pushing herself off the bed she walked toward the window. Leaning against the cold glass she stared out into the dark night. It was raining lightly and the pitter patter of the rain against the glass lulled her. She was too anxious about leaving John in the morning, she figured that was partly why she couldn’t get to sleep. Resting her hands on her small bump she stared up at the stars. She didn’t think she would want to leave his side while she was pregnant but with Shane acting how he was, it was obvious that this was the best choice even if neither agreed with it.

“What am I going to do little one,” Brianna whispered looking at her stomach “This isn’t how
anything was supposed to work out. We needed more time, much more time. We’re living out of a bus, the house in Tampa is being sold and we have to find a home before your father comes home. What are we going to do?”

“Brianna,” John’s voice stirred her from her thoughts. “Are you okay?”

“Back’s just sore,” She lied “I couldn’t sleep.”

“You want me to put some more of that stuff on it?” He asked climbing out of the bed and walking up to her. Wrapping his arms around her waist he kissed her neck “It could help you sleep.”

“No I’m okay,” She shrugged him off and continued to look out the window.

“Okay, I know that’s not the problem then,” John said grabbed her arm and turning her around to him. “Are you scared about leaving tomorrow?”

“More scared about the future,” She said simply.

“Well babe all we have to do right now is worry about finding a home,” John hugged her reassuringly. “Mom and Dad will be happy to have you and Mickie stay while finding a house.”

“I know, it’ll just feel awkward without you being there,” Brianna laughed in his chest.

“My parents love you guys, there is nothing to feel awkward about,” John said simply. “I don’t get why you are making such a big fuss over this.”

“I’m not fussing,” Brianna said sternly “More--I don’t know, I know I’m making too much of it but I can’t help it.”

“You won’t have the baby while I’m gone Bri,” John laughed quietly “If that’s what you’re worried about. You’re only three months along, if that, you’ve got plenty of time. Besides my Mom had five kids she’ll know how to handle things if something goes wrong.”

“Who said anything about it going wrong!” Brianna said pushing John away from her “Stop making it more complicated than it is.”

“Alright, alright,” He sighed holding up his arms in surrender. “Let’s just stop talking about this and get back to bed okay?”

“It’s probably best, but it won’t do any good, we have to get up in three hours.”


“How do you expect Mickie and I to get to the airport? Teleportation?” Brianna laughed pulled the covers over her shoulder. She laid on her side looking toward John, he wrapped his arm around her as he kissed her forehead. “I don’t think that’s recommended for pregnant women.”

“Funny,” John said pulling her closely to him. “You know soon I won’t be able to hold you this close.”

“Ugh don’t make me think about that just yet please!” Brianna rolled her eyes as she smiled “We still have a long way to that point.”

“Time will fly when we aren’t together though.”

“That’s what I dread.” Brianna sighed.


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