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Title: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena / Brianna
Summary: Shane wants to break up friendships as well as relationships.
Warnings: cursing, hints of sex later on
Length: Medium
Word Count: 1,855
Chapter #: (14/50)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: I was thinking about starting to work on this story again, so might as well post some of the chapters that I haven't posted. So we've got about three more chapters to post before 'new' material

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

Brianna rested her head against the cold car window as she and Randy road to the arena for the next RAW. She had one more week till John was able to come back, and she would be gone for a while. She wasn’t looking forward to it, it would mean getting away from Shane, but that means that John would have to deal with him for months.

“What’s wrong Bri?” Randy asked quietly as he looked over at her quickly before looking back at the road.

“Need to ask,” She sighed looking at Randy as she shrugged. “One more week of this and I’m free, but John--”

“Don’t worry about it,” Randy said quickly “Shane will try things, but that doesn’t mean they will work.”

“God I hope your right,” She said shaking her head leaning back in the passenger seat. Her hand went slowly to her stomach “I just want to have to worry about buying the house and getting everything from the old house to the new. I don’t want to fly out to every city because John was admitted to the hospital.”

“That’s not going to happen,” Randy said quickly.

“Yeah, if we can only hope,” She laughed as Randy pulling into a parking spot behind Shawn who was getting out of his car.

Brianna got out of the car and wrapped her coat tightly around her. She was wearing one of John’s hoodies to make herself feel more comfortable. The morning sickness spells were coming worse and if she didn’t have to be there she would be curled up in a ball next to John watching Raw. She pulled the hood over her head as she felt Shawn wrap his arm around her shoulder as they waited for Randy.

“Feeling better?” Shawn said brightly as he peaked under her hood she laughed
and shrugged at him.

“I feel like crap, I look like crap, I don’t want to be on TV,” She sighed.

“One more week,” Randy smiled as he opened the door for them. “Then you and Mickie can go to Boston and get far, far away from Shane.”

“Until RAW comes near the area again,” Shawn said slowly.

“But we’ve been there this year,” Randy said quietly as he opened the locker
room door for Brianna as she quietly walked in and fell onto the couch.

“We’re going to D.C. then a few days off,” Shawn said looking at Brianna. “Go
on, I’ll bring her some food.”

“Shawn,” Randy asked slowly as he looked at Brianna sleeping on the couch “When are we headed to D.C?”

“Oh not for another two months,” Shawn said smiling weakly. “She’ll have a house and be settled and John will be around during the days off so
everything will be okay.”

Randy nodded as he headed back into the locker room. Brianna had passed out on the couch and he thought it was best not to disturb her till she had to go on TV. He busied himself around his locker room changing quickly then pulling his sweats over his wrestling gear. Shawn brought food for Brianna but she wasn’t awake, he put it aside for her for when she woke up. Around twenty minutes before show time someone knocked on their locker room door.

“Yes,” Randy said quietly as he peaked his head around the crack. “Stephanie what’s wrong.”

“Brianna’s duties for tonight’s show,” She sighed handing him a piece of paper. “I’m afraid yours too.”

“Come in,” He said quietly as he opened the door. “Brianna’s been a sleep.”

“Bri,” Steph said shaking her awake as she opened her eyes. “Hey—I just delivered what Shane wants you to do for RAW.”

“Please tell me it includes sitting on this very couch and not doing anything else for the night?” She grinned as she sat up.

“Afraid not,” Randy said “According to this, we are to have a fight on TV…it seems like he wants to break up our friendship.”

“Oh god,” She said pulling the hood over her eyes taking a deep breath. “I’m not even going to bother with this.”

“So what’s supposed to happen?” Randy asked Stephanie.

“I’m not even sure,” She said shrugging “He won’t tell me. He just wanted me to give you that paper. But I heard him talking,” She said quietly as she looked at Brianna quickly. “You’re to interfere in Randy’s match---he wasn’t going to tell you in front of Randy but I will. You are to interfere in his match against Randy, make it seem like it was on purpose as he was hoping that would lead to a real life fight.”

“Oh god,” Brianna said banging her head on the couch arm. “Does he think we’re that stupid?”

“Not you, me maybe,” Randy laughed quietly as Brianna glared at him from under her hood. “Look Bri, I would never assume anything in a match against Shane—no matter what happens I would never blame you for it.”

“Good to know,” She said leaning back shrugging.

Brianna pulled on her sneakers as Randy watched her carefully. They had fifteen minutes till they were needed in the gorilla area. They had worked it out plenty of times so they wouldn’t mess up and cause Brianna to be hurt. Mickie was going to be at ring side with Randy so if Shane tried anything she would be able to get Brianna out of there. Sighing she pulled her pants leg over her shoe. Leaning back in the chair she looked up at Randy.

“You ready?” Randy asked quietly.

“No,” She sighed putting her hair up in a ponytail “At least this is the last thing I have to do. Wednesday morning Mickie, Kenny and I will be on our way to Springfield hundreds of miles away from Shane.”

“And John,” Randy added.

“Yes and John but he needs to work, he’s just getting off a suspension so I’ll be lucky enough if he even sees me before I have the baby,” She said frowning biting her lip. “I’ll figure something out. We’ll figure something out.”

“You’re worrying to much about this,” Randy said as she stood up. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. “John will have an injury angle, or seriously get injured to be with you.”

“I don’t want him to do that,” She said backing away “Steph will figure something out—write in something. But you’re right I’m worrying to much. I’ve got six more months to figure this all out.”

“Knock, knock,” Mickie smiled as she peaked into the room. “Are you guys ready?”

“Yes,” Brianna said taking a deep breath. “Do you think we’ll be able to leave after this? I’m not feeling well.”

“I’m sure Stephanie can swing something for us,” Randy smiled throwing his arm around her shoulder as they left the room.

Brianna held tightly onto Randy as they approached Shane who was looking smug at the three of them. She laced her fingers with his as they stood across from Shane. She wasn’t going to show it but she was scared of what Shane had planned. They knew what was going to happen yes, but Shane was always unpredictable. Randy had told Brianna to do what ever and it wouldn’t matter and he wouldn’t blame her.

“Let go of him,” Shane said fiercely as he grabbed her roughly by the elbow yanking her away from Randy and Mickie. “You know Mick; if you keep hanging out with young Randall here everyone will think that you dumped Doane.”

“Shut up Shane,” Mickie snapped at him as she grabbed Randy by the arm. “C’mon Randy we’re out first.”

Randy took one last glance at Brianna, who nodded lightly, before he waited for his music to hit. His music echoed throughout the arena as she heard the audience scream and applaud as Mickie and Randy walked down to the ring.

“You’re going to interfere,” Shane said grabbing her roughly by the arm pulling her close.

“You’re hurting me,” She said trying to pry his vice like grip off of her arm which she knew he was bruising.

“You will do anything it takes to make Orton lose the match,” He said growling his face an inch from hers “Got it?”

“Yes,” She said as he released her from his grip pushing her toward the curtain.

“You know the sign when I give it do what ever it takes for me to win the match!” He said as she rubbed her arm. Nodding quietly Shane’s music blared
throughout the arena as he rushed to the curtain.

Hesitating she thought about running away but Shane grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out onto the ramp. She stumbled as he held his grip as he dragged her down the ramp. He threw her on his side of the ring she caught on the steel poll before she fell to the ground. Randy looked at her worried but she smiled and tried to brush it off as she stood by the corner not really sure as to what she should do.

The match started off quickly with Shane tackling Randy to the mat before the bell even rang. Mickie soon got the crowd to rally behind Randy as Brianna stood with her back to the ring. Occasionally she would look at the ring so Shane wouldn’t get angry with her. Her heart thudded against her chest as she knew the time was coming close to her interfering. Shane was to distract the referee while Brianna was to low blow Randy. That was their plan; she was going to do it so she didn’t have anything to worry about.

Once Shane had Randy down on the mat he pulled the ref close to him distracting him from Randy. Brianna climbed into the ring ducking under the second rope. Her stomach twisted and her heart pounded she swallowed hard as she walked up to Randy who looked at her dead in the eyes and winked. Yet some how he was able to keep his stage face on as she low blowed him. Rolling out of the ring Mickie rushed to her as they quickly ran to the back and ran to the nearest monitor.

They reached it just in time to see Shane’s hand raised for the victory and notice that Brianna was gone. Their plan was working; Randy looked hurt, confused and angry at the entrance ramp where he knew Brianna was hiding. Shane walked backwards up the ramp laughing at Randy who still lay in the ring. Shane threw back the curtains looking around her was livid.

“Why the hell did you leave?” He asked Brianna who was staring at a monitor alone.

“I—I can’t believe you made me do that,” She said tearing up. “Randy’s my best friend!”

“Was your best friend,” Randy said appearing behind Shane glaring at Brianna. “How could you do that to me? What were you thinking?”


“Save it Bri, you’ve betrayed us all tonight,” Randy said walking away.

“One down,” Shane whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck. “Three to go.”


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