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Title: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena/ Brianna
Summary: After a hectic night, Brianna and John have a fantastic day filled with great news.
Warnings: cursing, hints of sex later on
Length: Medium
Word Count: 1,333
Chapter #: (2/50)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Sorry for the long delay I've been working on other stories. So HAPPY NEW YEARS!

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

“Doctor, I keep having these horrible cramps,” Brianna said as John stood beside her as she sat on the examination table as the doctor sat in her chair writing things down on her chart. “Incapacitating cramps, very painful.”

“That’s just your stomach growing dear,” The young doctor said smiling at Brianna as she leaned on John for support. “That’s normal, I know you found out really early that you were pregnant, and that worried me in the beginning when I got your chart faxed over.”

“Why would that make you worried?” John asked slowly.

“Well because normally it’s very rare to catch a pregnancy that early,” She said simply smiling lightly
at them “That there was a greater chance of a miscarriage, and with everything you’ve been telling me happening, I’d like to do a sonogram to make sure that you’re pregnant and everything is going alright.”

“You think I might’ve had a miscarriage?” Brianna asked quietly looking at John seriously “Wouldn’t I have been able to tell?”

“Ideally yes you would’ve but I’d still just like to check,” The doctor said standing up from her chair nodding lightly at the couple.

“Well what about the morning sickness?” Brianna asked quickly.

“Again it’s rare for you to be having it this soon, it could mean that you are pregnant but it could
also just be motion sickness from traveling around to much,” She said frowning. “I’ll be back in ten minutes with the ultrasound machine.”

“I don’t like this John,” Brianna said moving uncomfortably on the examination table as she lightly rubbed her stomach. “Could we not be pregnant?”

“Just don’t think about it,” John said pulling her into a tight hug, rubbing her back to sooth her. It
hadn’t occurred to him that they had found out to early and that none of this actually happened and she might not be pregnant. “But we did take that test to say you were pregnant a few weeks ago.”

“I know,” She said quietly as the doctor appeared pulling in the ultrasound machine.

“All right Brianna,” She said pulling the machine next to the table smiling at Brianna “I’m going to
need you to lay down and pull your shirt up a little for me. And then we’ll get started.”

Brianna quickly looked at John as she scooted up on the table and laid down pulling up her shirt relieving a little pudge on her stomach. She smiled at John as she grabbed his hand pulling him closer. He kissed her forehead lightly as he leaned over her waiting with abated breath.

“Now this shouldn’t take long,” She said adjusting the machine as she turned it on. “We won’t be able to tell the sex of the baby but this is just to make sure that blood test you took a while back was true.”

“How often is something like that wrong?” Brianna asked quietly as she jumped a little from the cold jell that was on her stomach.

“Sorry, it’s not often wrong, but this is just to make sure,” The doctor said concentrating on her task.

The room was silent for a few minutes as the doctor tried to find the small fetus. Brianna looked at John worriedly as he smiled kindly as her and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. He held her hand as the doctor smiled.

“Ah ha,” She said quietly, freeze framing the picture. “Here is your baby, the head and body,” The doctor smiled at the couple as she pointed and outlined each area.

“John,” Brianna said smiling brightly brining him in for a small kiss. “Look at our baby.”

“Is the baby okay?” John asked nervously “With all the bumps Brianna’s taken?”

“The baby appears to be fine,” The doctor smiled kindly “But from now on you’re going to have to avoid all that as much as you can, I know it’s your job Mr. Cena but you must keep her far away from that.”

“I’ll talk to the boss,” John smiled weakly at Brianna.

“Congratulations you two,” She said smiling as she wiped off the jell from Brianna’s stomach and threw
the towel in the trash. “I know it’s going to be hard with the traveling but you should make regular
appointments. And as soon as you two get home, find a prenatal doctor immediately.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Brianna smiled as John helped her up. “It was nice meeting you, thanks again,” She said kindly as she shook the doctor’s hand.

“It’s been nice to have the entire day to ourselves,” John smiled stretching his arms out on the back of the bench.

After he and Brianna left the doctors office, with more prenatal vitamins and their first baby picture, John decided to treat Brianna to some shopping. He was surprised when Brianna willingly went into the maternity store to check out some of the clothing she would have to be wearing in a few months time. He was also happy that she didn’t end up maxing out his credit card, but he would’ve allowed her, this was her day.

“Yes,” She smiled leaning against him sighing contently “No Randy, no bus, no Shane. It’s just us alone enjoying each other after we found out we’re pregnant.”

“At least we didn’t lie to our parents,” John laughed.

“Yeah that wouldn’t have been good, now we just need to find a house,” Brianna sighed. “This is going to be more work than I thought.”

“Specially since we’ll be on the road all the time, we’re going to have to pay people to pack up the house without us being there and then move it all to our new home,” John frowned “That’s going to be costly.”

“First things first,” Brianna said frowning “We need to buy a house.”

“Again how are we going to do that when we’re on the road hundreds of miles from Springfield?” John frowned back.

“Your father said he would look for us!” Brianna said hopefully. “We can find some homes on line, and ask them to go take a look for us take pictures, videos what ever and mail them to us!”

“Bri,” John said slowly “West Newberry is almost two hours from Springfield you think he’ll drive down every time we find a new house?”

“Which is why we’ll find a list of houses at a time,” Brianna said simply “It’s easy you’re thinking
too much about it.”

“Well that’s the first time I’ve heard that one before,” John scoffed.

“You got to learn to give yourself more credit babe,” Brianna frowned at John as she stood up. “I think it’s time to get back to the bus, it’s getting late, and we should pick up some dinner too.”

“As you wish,” John smiled kissing her before picking up her few bags.

“I told you, you don’t have to carry those,” Brianna frowned putting her hands on her hips.

“I wanted to, just be happy,” He said kissing her forehead as he grabbed her hand lightly.

“Oh I didn’t say I wasn’t,” She smiled as she leaned on John for support. “It’s been a long day, I’m

“I’m sorry I should’ve known you would’ve been tired, we won’t do anything tomorrow, we’ll just stay on the bus,” John said.

“Well we should we’re traveling,” Brianna laughed.

“You know what I meant,” He said as they walked out into the parking lot.

“Though I think next time we come to a Barnes and Noble we should get you some book,” Brianna said as they headed toward their hotel that was two blocks away.

“No more reading!” John groaned playfully.

“You’ll be suspended for a month, you got nothing else to do,” Brianna smirked as she broke away from John.

“You little,”

Brianna laughed as she playfully pushed John. He stood shocked for a moment staring at her as she slowly back away. Smirking back he started to run after her as she ran down the street to the hotel.

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Good to know the baby's okay.


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I'm back. Post soon!!!!!


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