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Title: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena/ Brianna
Summary: Brianna gets her first match, while trying to get her out of it Mickie and Hunter get caught.
Warnings: cursing, hints of sex later on
Length: Medium
Word Count: 1,352
Chapter #: (10/50)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Had chapter 14 open last night but didn't get a chance to work on it. It's Spring break so I am planning on getting Chapter 14 and 15 done by next Sunday. Enjoy :D

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

Brianna pulled the baby doll tee shirt over her head as she looked at herself in the mirror. The shirt was tight over her stomach, pulling it out it hid her bump. She was wearing an old pair of Lita’s wrestling pants that they had sewn a John Cena ‘hustle, loyalty, respect’ patch on, while her hair was in a lose ponytail on top of her head. Swallowing hard she sat down in her chair and pulled her sneakers toward her.

“I never thought I’d see the day,”

“Thanks Mickie,” Brianna sighed as she leaned back in the chair.

“It’s a good look for you though,” She smiled sitting down in the chair next to her friend. “If you weren’t pregnant they would give you a contract!”

“That’s the point though Mickie,” Brianna sighed quietly as she slipped on her shoe and laced it up tight “I am pregnant, I don’t know how they expect me to do anything.”

“Well,” Mickie said glancing at the door quickly to make sure no one there “word around the locker room is Shane never planned on you wrestling.”

“Which means,” Brianna said quickly holding the other shoe in her hand “is that he’s had something planned from the start! The little shit!”

“Sadly, I don’t think anyone knows what that is, I think only Shane and his little buddies do,” Mickie frowned.

“I’ll go along with what ever he says,” She said quietly leaning back in the chair as she shook her head. “I wish John was here.”

“Is he going to watch tonight?” Mickie asked.

“No,” Brianna said laughing nervously “I told him not too, I knew Shane had a plan. I don’t want John to flip out about it, I’ll tell him later.”

“You know he’s not going to listen to you right?” Mickie laughed.

“It was worth a shot,” Brianna said smiling for the first time in hours.

“When’s your---Um”

“Match?” Brianna laughed nervously as she looked at her watch “It’s in fifteen minutes, after the break, why?”

“Well, I’m coming out with you to the ring,” Mickie beamed as someone knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Brianna said quickly looking at Mickie strangely

“Bri, Mickie you guys ready?” Paul smiled walking into the room, wearing a pair of jeans and a Triple H t-shirt.

“Why are you coming Mickie?” Brianna asked quickly as she stood up.

“To get your ass out of there!” Mickie said brightly as she pulled her hair in a ponytail “Paul and I thought up a plan as you and Randy grabbed some food. Hunter’s going to block you while I drag you out of the ring and run up the ramp.”

“Thanks guys,” Brianna sighed relived.

Paul smiled as he wrapped his arm lightly around Brianna’s shoulders. Followed by Mickie, Paul and Brianna slowly walked to the guerilla area; everyone seemed to be watching them as they walked through the hallways. Brianna bit her lip lightly as they stood waiting for the okay go; already Umaga was making his way to the ring. Her heart seemed to be in her throat having to hear his music. Suddenly a hand grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her away from Mickie and Hunter, as someone clapped a hand over her mouth.

“Now let’s do this quickly before they notice you’re gone, you have a way to get out of this match, you know what to do, you say you’re pregnant—John isn’t the father,” They said quickly.

“NO!” Brianna screamed into the hand. As quickly as they grabbed her they let her go as she stumbled into Paul.

“Bri,” He said quietly as they gave them the 10 second mark “You okay?”

“Nervous,” She said shaking slightly. “Just can’t believe they’re making me do this.”

“No one can Bri,” Paul smiled kindly as John’s music blared throughout the arena.

Taking a deep breath Brianna pushed herself through the curtain following Hunter with Mickie walking slowly behind her. The crowd gave her a small pop, but still wondered what was going on. Stopping once they reached the ring, Paul led her up the stairs and opened the ropes for her and Mickie; the referee was holding back Umaga as Paul stood in front of his friends.

“Don’t worry,” Mickie said quietly “The bell will ring and I’ll get out, just hang on.”

Brianna nodded quickly as Mickie rolled out of the ring, she swallowed hard and looked at Paul he held her shoulders loosely and he nodded at her. She trusted her and her baby’s life with him; she knew she could trust no one else. He kissed her lightly on the forehead as he made to leave the ring. He was barely out side the ropes when the referee rang the bell and Umaga came charging at Brianna who quickly ran out of his way. Hunter quickly came back into the ring and tackled Umaga to the ground.

Mickie quickly motioned for Brianna to roll out of the ring, as she rolled into her friends arms she couldn’t get her balance. Mickie held onto Brianna as she tried to get her out of the ring, Shane’s voice echoed throughout the arena “Brianna,” He said sweetly “Oh Brianna, there’s no way you’re going to get out of this match so easily without a pin fall. Now get your ass back into that ring!”

The audience screamed as Brianna shook her head quickly as Umaga stalked toward her; Hunter slid out of the ring and stood in front of her and Mickie. “Wait, wait, wait!” Shane said quickly as he walked out on the ramp smirking down at the trio. “Maybe there is a way that you can get out of this match. You have a secret Brianna,” Mickie squeezed her hand tightly as they looked at each other quickly “You know what I’m talking about Bri, the only way you can get out of this match—alive—is to say your secret and you know what you’re supposed to say, now give her a microphone!”

“Brianna don’t!” Mickie and Hunter said together as someone handed her a microphone.

“I don’t have a choice,” She said quietly “I just hope John will forgive me for this.”

“Shane,” Brianna said slowly into the microphone as Mickie and Hunter stood by her quietly, supporting her “You’re right, I do have a secret, one that I’ve been keeping for a while—I’m pregnant—and John isn’t the father—Shane you are!” Her voice quaked as she dropped the mic as Mickie and Paul had to keep her standing.

“This match has been cancelled,” Shane drawled into the mic as he walked into the back, leaving the audience stunned and silent.


Brianna sat quietly in her locker room as Mickie and Hunter ran off to find Randy and Shawn. She couldn’t believe was she was just forced to do, in front of millions of people. Which all of them thought that Shane was the father of her unborn baby. How could she do that to her child?

“What’s John going to ask?” She said aloud as he looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks tear stained, there was a rip in her shirt from Umaga trying to grab her, and her hair was out of the ponytail and disheveled. “When he comes back his fiancé is pregnant by another man? What am I doing?”


“Just go away,” She said threw tears falling into the metal chair wiping the tears from her face.

“It’s me Randy,” He said knocking again “Please Bri let me in, it’s only me.”

“Randy,” She said quietly as he opened the door she went running into his arms. She broke down crying as he held onto her tightly.

“Are you okay?” He asked soothingly as he rubbed her back.

“No I’m not okay,” She said quickly breaking the hug. “The entire world thinks I’m pregnant by Shane!”

“C’mon Bri, not everyone is that stupid! Who in their right mind is going to believe that?” Randy laughed.

“A lot of people,” Shawn said quietly standing in the doorway.

New Update: Behind the Bandanna, Feelings Change & More One Shots
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