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Title: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena/ Brianna
Summary: Shane gets some pleasing news from his father, while John has a rough night.
Warnings: cursing, hints of sex later on
Length: Medium
Word Count: 1,345
Chapter #: (6/50)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: I have finally started working on this story again. I finished Chapter 13 last night and plan on working on Chapter 14 tonight. It was a long break for this story, so I lost a lot of things I wanted to do, but that shouldn't stop me from getting out the chapters quickly.

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart

“She left!” Shane said throwing open the door to his fathers office.

“Nice to see you too son,” Vince said not looking up from his paper work as his son slammed the door behind him.

“Do something about it,” He snapped at his father.

“What would you like me to do Shane?” Vince asked slowly looking up at his son.

“Handcuff her to you for two more weeks?”

“Yes,” Shane said nodding. “She shouldn’t have left!”

“Her ride left, so she left, there was nothing left for her to do. She needs her rest,” Vince said waving him off.

“It’s not like she’s 5 months pregnant Dad,” He said glaring as he looking at his father intently. “She shouldn’t be exhausted unless I make her exhausted.”

“Please son,” He said holding up his hands “Enough with the mental pictures okay? What do you want me to do? I can’t keep her here the entire time. We can’t risk something happening to that baby.”

“Wanna bet?” Shane smirked. “That baby should be mine.”

“This again?” His father sighed going back to his work. “Look Shane, you have to take this into your own hands. I can’t bind her to you for the next two weeks. John would have my head and quit the company, and right now we can’t have that.”

“Stop saying he’s the future of this company,” Shane said rolling his eyes as he looked away from his father. “If he doesn’t break it off with Brianna, his future will be minimal.”

“Stop it,” Vince said blandly.

“What’s going on next week?” Shane asked ignoring his father.

“What ever you want,” Vince said slowly looking up at his son “Because I am not going to be here, your mother and I have a meeting that we must be at so you are going to be the GM for that night. What are you going to do with your GM powers?”

“I’m going to put Brianna in a match,” Shane said smirking evilly.

“See John this is the downfall of drinking the mini fridge empty,” Brianna laughed quietly as she rubbed John’s back as he leaned over to toilet for the fourth time that night.

“You’re loving this aren’t you?” John asked leaning back as he took a face towel and wiped his mouth and forehead before running his hand down his face.

“Maybe,” She said rubbing his cheek as she smiled. “Revenge on so many levels babe.”

“I hold your hair back when you have morning sickness!” John frowned at her as she shook her head and rolled her eyes. “Oh I get it; this is considered pay back for getting you pregnant.”

“You got it babe,” She smiled as she pushed herself off of the side of the tub. “I need some sleep, when you’re done getting the alcohol out of your system join me in bed.”

“You’re—you’re going to let me into the bed after—what I did?” John asked quietly.

“I understood why you did it,” She said quietly with her back toward him, as she frowned “You were drunk, filled with lust and jealous, a trio that shouldn’t be together.”

“If—if I did end up—you know—hurting you,” He said stumbling on his words.

“Then I wouldn’t be here,” She said quietly as she walked away from the bathroom.

“What the fuck have I done?” John groaned as he threw the towel under the sink, he leaning back against the cold tub.

John had done some pretty stupid things when alcohol controlled him. Half of the things he couldn’t even remember and had to be told what he did the morning after. He had slept with many girls this way, drowning his sorrows and picking them up in bars, the next morning he would wake to a strange girl in his bed. Around Brianna he tried to limit his drinking, he cared about her more than anything in the world, and he would hate himself for the rest of his life if he lost her because of something he said or did when he was drunk.

His heart sank as he remembered seeing a faint bruise on her wrist. He put that on her, he closed his eyes as he tried to erase the picture from his memory. Standing up, he used the counter for balance as he shut off the lights. This round of detox was over, and hopefully it would stay that way till the morning. Groggily he shuffled toward the bed. Brianna was laying quietly on the bed with her back toward him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he would never make it to the bus, he would sleep on the couch there.

Quietly he crawled into the bed next to her, trying not to disturb her or get to close to her he pulled the covers over himself as he laid staring at the ceiling. Brianna quietly rolled over and rested her head on his shoulder as she rubbed his stomach lightly; tracing out shapes threw closed eyes. John smiled down at her as he wrapped his arm around her pulling her close. Kissing the top of her head, he closed his eyes.

“I think they’re asleep now,” Stephanie said quietly as she crawled back into bed next to Paul “They were fighting for a while.”

“No thanks to your brother,” He said spitefully as he wrapped his arm around his wife. “So much for me watching over her.”

“Don’t worry, Randy was there, he got her away as soon as that segment was over,” She said yawning. “I bet John wasn’t happy about it.”

“I don’t think many people were,” Paul said quietly as the baby coughed. “The locker room was in an uproar over that segment. People were complaining to me about it. Saying that Shane shouldn’t be doing that to her, especially with what he’s done to her.”

“So the locker room is trying to get back onto your side of things?” She laughed quietly.

“Seems to be, with Shawn coming back next week it all should get a lot better for John and Brianna,” He said sighing. “Sadly no matter what I do, Vince won’t unsuspend John.”

“John didn’t even do anything to be suspended for, Dad’s in Shane’s plan I know he is. He’s doing it behind Mom’s back, how she doesn’t see what he’s doing is beyond me,” She sighed.

“Well we’ll figure it all out later, we should get some sleep, and we’ve got a long day tomorrow on the road.” He said quietly.

The next morning, no one had seen or heard from John or Brianna. Not even Randy had seen them, he had shut the door last night in order to give them privacy and when he opened it the next morning their door was shut and locked. Everyone was worried about them, in the restaurant that’s all everyone was talking about. A few had heard John yelling at her last night, but no one dared see what the matter was.

“Randy where are they?” Adam asked as Randy sat at his table, all Randy could do was shrug. “When was the last time you saw them?”

“Why is everyone so worried about them?” Randy asked quietly chewing on his muffin.

“Because when the wives hear yelling coming from their room something is up,” Rob Van Damn said frowning at the younger man.

“John was drunk he didn’t know what he was doing,” Randy said trying to stick up for his best friend. “He had one to many drinks when he watched RAW, and he got a little jealous of that kiss between Shane and Brianna.”

“Jealous?” Adam asked choking on his coffee. “What’s they’re to be jealous about? Brianna hates Shane, that’s common knowledge.”

“Yeah but you know how John gets when he’s drunk, he loses all control his actions don’t make sense,” Randy said quietly as his friends looked at him worriedly.
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