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Title: Maybe Fate Got It Wrong
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena / Brianna Pryce
Summary: An old injury plague's John, while Brianna and Randy try to settle into a routine in their new life.
Warnings: Wrestling Violence, Cursing, Sex
Length: Long
Word Count: 2,722
Chapter #: (7/20)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Okay this is a bit tricky. I spent SO long on the John and Brianna story for Nothing can Tear Us Apart & The Heights of Love that it got away from me. Half of the wrestlers aren't there or have sadly passed. So, this is a new story, with the same cannon just missing a few months. Throughout the story I will go back and do flashback chapters for key parts that have not been written about. Enjoy!

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John's stomach bothered him, his shirt felt hot against his skin and the design felt like it was rubbing him raw. He walked into his locker room and quickly removed his shirt, the cold air felt worse against his agitated skin. Walking up to the mirror he ran his finger across the three inch long white scar. The source of his pain. It had happened about a year ago, the incident where he almost lost all that was dear to him. Even after all of those struggles they were lost to him in the end. From time to time the injury would re-plague him but he never told Brianna, she blamed herself to much for him getting it in the first place. Grabbing an ice pack he placed it gently on his chest as he leaned back in his chair.

A flood of emotions were working their way around his body and he couldn't control them. He wished he could find a dark corner and scream for days. He knew he couldn't do that, he had to remain strong and act like his life wasn't falling apart. John felt abandoned and helpless, something that he never felt before. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He could hear the door open and his heart went into his throat. There was a slight chance that Brianna would show up with Randy, but last he heard they hadn't made it to the arena yet. His heart clenched as the door shut and he felt a weight on his lap. He slowly opened an eye and blond hair covered his vision.

“Oh John I heard what happened!” Eve whispered in his ear. John held back a shiver. “I'm so sorry that—that whore broke your heart.”

“Don't you ever call her that,” John growled pushing her off of his lap.

She quickly recovered straightening her skirt and pulling it up the same time trying to entice John. He looked at her through the slits of his eyes and quickly moved off of the chair. He should've known how quickly things would get around. He was now a moving target, but he had to avoid this. Brianna would know if something happened, he would never let that something happen.

“I'm sorry,” Eve said to John's back. “That was out of line, she is the mother of your beautiful baby girl.”

“She's more than that,” John laughed quietly.

“Where's Randy?” She ignored him.

“How should I know, I'm not his keeper?”

“Oh John,” He felt her touch his shoulder and quickly shrugged her off. “Is she with Randy? There is so much talking going on backstage I don't know what's true anymore?”

“Why does it matter?” John sighed. He knew what she was trying to do, but it wasn't going to work. He had to make himself better for Brianna and trying to let someone so childish as Eve try to sway him or anger him was not going to be for the better.

“I would like to make you feel better John,” Eve sided up behind him again and placed a hand on his arm this time. He would not let her convince him. Closing his eyes he turned his head toward her and let her travel her finger tips across his cheek. John clutched his stomach in pain and went down to his knees. Eve quickly pulled back screaming, in pain John couldn't help rolling his eyes. It felt like the wound was being opened again, this time from the inside out.

“Would you go get someone?” John growled grabbing her leg and trying to shove her out the door. He couldn't figure out why the pain was so intense, it was supposed to be phantom pain. He gritted his teeth as Eve finally moved out the door screaming for a trainer. Slowly he climbed onto the bench and tried to sit up. The tightened stomach muscles pulled him back down again. That's where the trainers found him, doubled over in pain, hints of tears shone behind his blue eyes.

Randy moved quickly about the grill, trying to keep the fire growing in order to cook the stakes that sat on the cool top. He frowned as he turned the knobs trying to hear the familiar click and whoosh of gas. Grumbling he looked up and into the kitchen windows. The scene brought a smile to his frustrated face. Brianna and his parents—barely in the house a day and his parents came over with food and presents for Gabby. Randy laughed, it's like Gabby were their own grandchild. His heart skipped a beat in his chest as he slammed shut the cover.

He watched his mom stoop over and scoop Gabby up into her arms, he could see Gabby's squeals of delight and heard them clearly in his mind. He couldn't help but smile, this is the scene he wanted more than anything. But it wouldn't happen—yet. Randy felt heat creeping up his neck as he heard the deck door shut quietly beside him. Bracing himself he felt the familiar clap of his fathers hand.

“If you stare any harder you might melt the glass son,” His fathers thick drawl made him smile, and truly made him feel at home.

“You noticed eh?” Randy fiddled with the knobs on the grill.

“I'm surprised Brianna didn't,” Randy's father put a hand on his son's shoulder to push him out of the way to inspect the grill. “You like her being here don't you?”

“It's better for the baby,” Randy shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

“That's not what I asked,” Bob groaned kneeling down but shot a smile over his shoulder at his son. He tinkered with the hose connecting the gas and the grill. Randy watched his father, he didn't want to have this talk with him just yet. It was hard enough telling him he was inviting his best friends ex-girlfriend and baby daughter to live with him. He didn't want to explain his complicated feelings for her. Which only seem to build more as it came closer for her to move in with him. Randy knew he had to keep things to himself for a while, he didn't want John to get wind of anything. In his mind it would twist very quickly. “Randy?”

“Sorry?” Randy turned around looking at his Dad who was standing next to the hot grill with the steaks already on it. His Dad was smirking at him knowingly, which irritated him. His father knew how he felt but wasn't going to mention it.

“I fixed the grill for you,” His dad clapped him on the back squeezing his shoulder. “You want me to take over?”

“Yeah,” Randy shrugged. “I guess I'm just not ready to take over the grill officially yet.”

“You'll get there son,” Bob smiled his eyes flitting toward Brianna “Pretty soon I'm betting.”

Randy smiled at his Dad and left him to cooking, who was he kidding, he couldn't even boil water to make pasta. He pulled the backdoor open and walked back into the kitchen. His Mom and Brianna were talking at the table as Gabby lay on her back swatting at toys above her. He walked straight toward Gabby, curling his long legs under him he sat down. He just loved watching her play, he wish life would be that simple.

Brianna sat around the table with the Orton's feeding Gabby her food. Randy's parents were talking quietly with occasional glances at Brianna. She felt like she was being put on for show. Glancing at Randy he smiled at her slowly, and reached across the table for her free hand. Squeezing it lightly she smiled back. Shaking her head she took a bite out of her own food.

“Randy when do you two have to go to the arena?” His Mom asked pushing her plate away from her and smiled at her son and Brianna.

“Oh I'm not going to the arena,” Brianna said quickly. “I'm—well--”

“Mom,” Randy glared at his mother nicely “Please, Brianna needs to put Gabby down for the night. She still has to unpack.”

“Ah,” Bob said slowly nodding his head “Elaine, I think it's time we head back to our house. Let the children settle in.”

“Of course,” Elaine smiled pushing herself away from the table, grabbing empty plates as she did so. “Let me just do the dishes for them. Brianna still has unpacking to do.”

“Thank you Mrs. Orton,” Brianna blushed under her hair as she unbuckled Gabby from her highchair.

“Elaine—and no problem. We'll clean up then see ourselves out. Randy why don't you go help Brianna put down the baby?”

Randy froze as he stared up at Brianna who wouldn't look at him. She hitched the baby up on her hip and slowly walked out of the kitchen. Randy followed her dutifully out of the kitchen and up the stars. Randy's parents watched him leave the kitchen and exchanged knowing glances. Bob picked up the rest of the dishes and brought them to his wife at the sink.

“Tried to talk to him,” He laughed quietly “Still pig headed as he was as a kid.”

“Brianna was a little more receptive,” A ghost of a smile crossed Elaine's lips “She's not over John though, poor thing. She's gonna need time. She loved him dearly.”

“Doesn't mean Randall can't swoop in and fix her heart,” Bob sad slowly. His wife slowly shook her head “Okay, maybe not. They're friends.”

“Don't play match maker darling,” Elaine sighed “It's going to take time, so, leave it up to me.”

“No, not the blue one put her in the green one,” Brianna grabbed it from the side board and handed it to Randy. “It's---” She took a deep breath and sighed “It's John's colors now. He would always dress her in an outfit that matched his battle colors.”

Randy looked down at Brianna and saw that she was battling tears. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. As much as he wanted something with her it couldn't happen. The wounds that John left were too new, too soon. They only finally parted earlier in the morning. He would just have to be there for her, and have to be able to live with that—for now.

“It's for luck,” Randy kissed the top of her head before turning his attention back to Gabby “I get it, don't worry. Green it is.” He wriggled Gabby into her night outfit. He'd done it before but tonight it felt different.

“Thanks for helping me Randy,” Brianna picked up the lulling Gabby and laid her down in the cradle. “It's good to have some normality since this is her first night in the room. I'm not sure how well she is gonna do on a stationary crib.” Leaning on the railing she slowly rubbed Gabby's stomach as Randy wound up the mobile. They stood watching her for a few minutes waiting to see if she would stir. Slowly they walked out of the room and shut the door.

“I should get going,” Randy looked at his watch as they walked down the stairs “I got leave to be able to arrive late. But show starts in an hour, might get in trouble for it.”

“No problem,” Brianna stood at the bottom of the stairs watching him gather his equipment bag. She couldn't stop thinking about what Elaine said, Randy would always be there for her and Gabby. He's providing for them without having to and letting them live in his house. She'd never be able to thank him enough. “I'll be watching tonight.”

Randy smiled as he walked out of the door, he shut it slowly expecting her to give him a message for John. But he was being hopeful, she wouldn't want to talk to him for a while. Taking the keys out of his pocket he locked the door safely behind him.

John lay on the trainers table, his eyes closed and teeth gritted against the pain in his stomach. The doctor couldn't find anything, but knew John wouldn't fake something like this so let him sit there while he went to go find the ultra-sound machine. But even he wasn't fooling himself, there wasn't anything that could help him. No pain pills, heating ointment or cold compresses would help fix the pain. John heard the door open and close quickly. He groaned, he didn't want to deal with Eve again. She had been hanging around like an annoying fly. Finally after screaming at her she fled the room, hopefully that meant she would stay away from him for a while. Who ever joined him didn't say a word, he could feel the heat of their gaze on him. His eyes flashed open and adjusted to the bright room.

“What the hell is going on John?” Randy's rough voice sounded from his left. “I come in and Eve is crying to anyone who will listen that you had some type of fit. Why is she doing that?”

“She tried to fuck me,” John said bluntly looking at his best friend. He saw Randy's body visibly stiffen. The minute Randy saw Brianna he would tell her. “But my stomach started to bother me, I was doubled over in pain.”

“Is it your scar again?” Randy asked quietly as he walked closer “I told you to go to a doctor about that.”

“It's phantom pain,” John waved it off as he sat up quickly. “It happens when I'm feeling especially—thoughtful.”

“Cut the crap John, what the hell did you do?” Randy pulled up the chair next to the table and sat heavily in it. He knew John better than himself, if John was in pain he did something or something happened. “You didn't hurt yourself on purpose did you? Try to gain sympathy to your cause?”

“What the hell Randy?” John tried to get off the table, Randy stood up quickly and shoved John back on the table.

“Are you drunk? What did you do?” Randy glared at John, who was the only one who didn't wither under the younger man's stare.

“Look,” John shoved Randy's hands off of his shoulders “I might've taken a few blows to the stomach during a particularly hard match last week. You know that wound never really healed.”

“Don't be an idiot,” Randy huffed pushing himself out of the chair, he turned to go.

“Don't tell Bri,” John said so quietly Randy wasn't sure he exactly heard him correctly.

“That's you're problem to tell her John,” Randy said through gritted teeth.

“I don't—” John shook his head and smiled lightly “Not about Eve, for Gods sake nothing happened. No I mean this—injury. She can't think that this is her fault.”

“Believe me she won't,” He sighed “She's gonna see it anyways John.”


“Even after all of the shit she's been through here John she's still a fan,” Randy shrugged reaching the door and leaving.

John sat silently for a minute as he stared at Randy's retreating back. He was right, she would purely be watching from a fan standpoint. His heart racing at the thought that she would still want to watch the show with a hundred-percent chance of seeing him? She should be boycotting anything and everything to do with him especially after this messy break. His heart lightened a little, he had to see this as a sign of hope. John believed her when she said that she didn't hate him, he didn't think she had it in her. Not after all that they had been through. A smile played on his lips as he pushed himself off of the table. Weakness couldn't be shown anymore and laying down and waiting for resolutions wasn't gonna work.

Date: 2012-11-13 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wowza...another tough chapter. I almost feel bad for John...mostly because he had to deal with Eve sitting on his lap. But also because he's obviously punishing himself pretty dned bad for what happened. But it might be too little, too late. And Randy...*sigh* he's caught between the devil & the deep blue sea. But I love the way you write his parents! And then Brianna's just struggling to deal with everything's that's happened...GAH!! So many emotions!! Excellent work, darlin!!!

Date: 2012-11-14 04:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I original had it as Kelly Squared, but then she left and I was like damn. AJ was too obvious to use lol. Thankies! I had fun writing his Dad. Tried to remember all of those Taker/Randall/Daddy segments lol. Thank you! Took me long enough.

-- answering your text now, been away from my phone all day --


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