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Title: Feelings Change
Rating: PG-13 to R
Pairing/Character(s): AJ Styles/Caelan (Samoa Joe, Mickie James & CM Punk)
Summary: AJ tries to deal with seeing Caelan together with Punk.
Warnings: cursing, hints of sex later on
Length: Medium
Word Count: 3,527
Chapter #: (10/10)
WIP or Complete: Okay so it took me four years to post the final chapter of the story. My bad. At least I can say that I have a complete story. Even if I don't even remember anything about this story.

Feelings Change

“Do I approve of you and Punk?” AJ repeated her question slowly. He wasn’t entirely sure how to answer that question, he had a feeling she was testing him and he wanted more than anything to pass the test. But he didn’t think admitting his feelings at this moment would be the best thing in the world, neither would approving of their fast relationship. “I don’t know Cae I mean, I don’t think I can give you the right answer.”

“There is no right or wrong answer AJ,” She said quietly looking away from him and down the hall way, he knew at that moment it had slipped from him.

“Caelan, there you are!” Punk said jogging up to them, still sweating from his match beaming down at her. “Just give me like half an hour and we’ll set out for dinner.”

“Sounds perfect,” She said kissing him lightly on the lips before he ran off to his locker room. AJ didn’t realize she was studying him out of the corner of her eye as she watched Punk run off down the hall. The look on AJ’s face made her heart break in two, turning back to him she tried not to show how she was feeling. “Do you have an answer AJ?”

“I,” He grimaced slightly as he turned around and ran his hand down his face, something was bubbling under his surface and he knew if he let it out it would cause more trouble than he wanted right now. “I don’t know what to say Cae, it’s like you’re riding your entire relationship with Punker on me.”

“I am,” She said weakly as he turned around and faced her. “Please AJ it’s not that hard, it’s either you do or you don’t. You can’t be in-between.”

“Caelan I--can’t,” AJ said shaking his head. No matter how much he loved her, there was no way he was going to break up Caelan and Punk if she really wanted to be with him. “Don’t let this be up to me, please I can’t have that riding on my mind.”

“It’s so simple Allen,” She sighed running her fingers through her hair as she shook her head lightly “You have no idea how simple this is!”

“It’s complicated on this end,” AJ sighed.

“Okay,” Caelan said slowly nodding “I get it AJ, I see what’s going on here.” Slowly she ran her fingers through his hair mussing it lightly. Smiling weakly tears shined in her eyes as she rested her hands on his shoulders, standing on her tippy toes she kissed AJ’s cheek lightly before backing away. “Good bye AJ.” She said quietly as she walked away.

AJ stood there quietly, stunned and frozen in his spot. He had this horrible sinking feeling in his stomach but he ignored it as he felt Caelan’s lips still lingering on his cheek. He smiled as he held his hand to his cheek trying to keep that feeling with him as he grabbed his stuff and quickly ran from the room. Ignoring every single person on his way to Joe’s locker room, he busted through without even knocking.

“Joe!” AJ said panting as Joe looking at him slowly from his chair looking over his book.
“Joe, I need your help with Caelan.”

“What happened now?” Joe sighed throwing away his book,

“She came to me while I was in the shower, when she was finally away from Punk,” AJ started.

“She asked me if I approved of her and Punks relationship, she wanted me to approve. But I couldn’t say anything! Their whole relationship was riding on me! I had the choice to break them up,” AJ said exasperatedly.

“Lemme guess that’s when you messed it up right?” Joe sighed shaking his head.

“She said good-bye to me,” AJ said slowly. “Joe, Joe I need her back! I was stupid, I froze help me get her!”

“AJ, are you willing to do anything to get her back?” Joe asked smirking.

“Anything,” AJ said quietly.

“What do you say for Italian tonight?”

“He just stood there Mickie,” Caelan said pacing back and forth in Mickie’s locker-room describing her conversation with AJ. “Just stood there, it was all on the line! I was giving myself to him, all he had to do was say no! He didn’t understand how simple it was.”

“Well did you tell him that?” Mickie asked quickly, wanting more than anything for all of this to just be resolved.

“Yes,” She said slowly stopping in her tracks. Looking at her best friend she frowned and looked like she was on the verge of tears “I told him it was simple, yes or no, I would’ve left Punk in a second if he just admitted it to me. But he couldn’t.”

“He wants you to be happy,” Mickie supplied “AJ’s seen you around Punk, seen how your eyes light up, how big your smile gets. You don’t look at AJ like that.”

“Of course I don’t,” Caelan sighed as she leaned against the wall “I love AJ, with Punk, it’s just a little crush he was always unattainable in a way to me. So when he asked me out I thought it would be perfect, a nice chance to make AJ realize that he loves me as well.”

“But he does!”

“I know,” She snapped back, sliding down the wall she sighed “Mickie, I need him to tell me. Call me selfish or vain but I need to hear it from him. Not from you or Joe anymore, I need it from his lips.”

“Cae,” Mickie said slowly to her best friend “I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

“That’s why I gotta be happy with Punk,” Caelan said nodding slowly. Pushing her self off of the floor she dusted off the back of her skirt and smiled weakly. “I should get going, Punk should be ready now. He’s taking me to a nice Italian restaurant, don’t wait up for me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Mickie beamed as Caelan walked out of the locker room.

Not a minute or so later Joe and AJ came barging into Mickie’s locker room just as she finished packing up her belongings.

“Jesus Christ guys don’t do that,” Mickie said zipping up her bag with one hand, clutching at her chest with the other. Out of the corner of her eye she glared at AJ “Caelan talked to me AJ, you royally messed up this time.”

“No, no I didn’t, we’re going to fix it!” AJ said excitedly.

“We’re?” Mickie said looking up surprised “Oh no what do you guys have planned?”

“What do you say to Italian tonight instead of burgers Mick?” Joe beamed.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Punk asked Caelan quickly glancing out of the corner of his eye as he drove along the dark road toward the restaurant. “You seem a little distant.”

“I’m fine,” She said in a small voice, she cleared her throat and smiled at him “Don’t worry I’m just a bit exhausted, and really tired.”

“Understandable,” Punk agreed “You never really get used to doing this job.”

“And how long have you been wrestling?” Caelan asked quickly, she wanted to talk about something, anything to get her mind off of AJ. It was making her depressed and she didn’t want to ruin her date with Punk, especially if it meant the start of something.

“I think we’re going on maybe five years now,” He laughed quietly “To many shots to the head and you tend to forget sometimes. But I think this year is year five. What about you?”

“Oh not as long,” She smiled at him as she grabbed his hand lightly “Just about two and a half, AJ’s been training me for a while, Joe does when he can.”

“Ah learning from the big guys,” Punk winked at her as he pulled into the brightly lit parking lot of their destination “When are you actually going to get into a match with Ring of Honor?”

“When ever they let me,” Caelan laughed at Punk’s confused face “AJ and Joe, they are really over protective of me, it’s insane.”

“Well it’s understandable,” Punk said slyly as he opened the car door for her and helped her out of the car “I wouldn’t want you harmed in anyway either.”

Caelan blushed as she laced her fingers with Punks, as he lead her into the restaurant. Biting her lip she quickly scanned the place as they waited for the hostess to seat them. This place was definitely not Punks style, she knew then he was trying really hard to impresses, or trying really hard to get her to sleep with him. Pushing the rumors out of her head she followed Punk to the booth and sat down slowly as he slid in next to her.

“This is all really nice,” She said almost awestruck as she continued to look around.

“It’s all for you,” Punk said kissing her cheek lightly as she blushed. “I figured I’d do something out of the norm, mostly because I’m sure it’s AJ and Joe that usually take you to burger places or all of those type of date restaurants.”

“Well yeah,” Caelan said slowly as she looked through the menu “But it’s not like they mean anything,” Her heart skipped a beat slightly as she regained her thought “Joe and AJ are just my friends, they’re practically family.”

“You have no idea how happy that makes me,” He said kindly smiling at her as she lowered her menu. “As you know half the locker-room is scared to approach you because of your bodyguards.”
“They aren’t my bodyguards,” She giggled taking a sip out of her water as her throat went dry. “Just friends.”

Mickie sat behind AJ and Joe as they were speeding down the highway trying to make it to the restaurant where Punk and Caelan were currently on their first date. It took a while but they were able to get the location out of Colt Cabana. She sat quietly in the back shaking her head at the way they were handling this, it really wasn’t the best way to do it, but she was practically forced to come along. AJ had told her that it would be her to get Caelan away from the table thus leading her to AJ. She didn’t really know why they couldn’t have waited until Caelan was back from the date.

“No! No, you take a right not a left!” Joe said frantically as AJ slammed on the brakes, Mickie braced herself in the backseat and AJ made a U-turn and sped down another road.

“Okay seriously guys, if you want me to get Caelan away from Punk you have to let me live through this car ride,” Mickie said sarcastically leaning her head against the window.

“Sorry Mick,” Joe said beaming as he turned around in his seat “This is the best way to handle it.”

“By speeding down the interstate, weaving in and out of traffic and going twice the normal speed limit just so we can reach a restaurant when we know they’re going to be there a while?” Mickie asked. “Sounds like the best way.”

“Be a little more optimistic Mickie please,” AJ said quietly from the drivers seat. “It does seem the best way.”

“No,” Mickie said forcefully “The best way was to tell her before she started dating Punk, when we told you to do it. Not when you guys are obviously still running on adrenaline from you’re matches and I’m beyond exhausted, this cannot possibly go well.”

“Yeah that’s being more optimistic,” Joe said turning back around. “Right there, it should be up here on the corner.”

Mickie didn’t know how it could be possible but AJ sped up for the last mile or so to get to the restaurant. Screeching to a halt into a parking space AJ took a deep breath. Mickie looking at the restaurant impressed.

“Wow, if Punk took her here he’s serious,” Mickie said quietly, but AJ and Joe heard her from the front seat and turned around to look at her quickly.

“Mick!” Joe said quickly.

“Oh, I mean, he must be trying to get into her pants,” Mickie said shrugging as she got out of the car.

AJ looked fleetingly at Joe, who quickly shrugged it off the best he could. He climbed out of the car and joined Mickie leaning against the trunk waiting for the ring leader of their plan; AJ. He sat quietly in the car taking as many deep breaths as he body would allow quickly. Trying to push the thoughts out of his head he leaned forward resting on the steering wheel. Sighing he couldn’t help but think if this was the wrong thing for both of them.

She obviously had feelings for Punk, why else would she jeopardize something with AJ. He shook that thought from his head, he knew that answer as did everyone else in the locker room, Punk was a last resort. AJ was unavailable until now, but now he was hers, even if that meant taking her away from the only other person who could make her happy. Taking a deep breath AJ quickly got out of the car and smiled weakly at Mickie and Joe who were watching him intently.

“So what’s the plan boss?” Joe asked beaming clapping AJ on the back. As much as Punk was his friend, he knew that AJ belonged with Caelan and would do anything to make that happen.

“Wing it?” AJ said shrugging.

“Oh you’re not losing hope are you?” Mickie asked quickly “AJ we came out here for a reason, we’re helping so you don’t chicken out.”

“What if she belongs with Punk?” AJ mumbled, but Mickie and Joe heard what he said and their jaws dropped.

“Are you kidding?” Joe asked looking at AJ shaking his head “Look, we’ve gone through this before, you and Caelan belong together. As much as Punk is our friend he doesn’t belong with her and that’s it. You do. Now what’s the plan?”

“I’ll go in there and make it look like it’s an emergency,” Mickie started as AJ looked like he was about to collapse against the car. “I’ll bring her out here and AJ then it’s your job from then, do you think you can handle that? You look a little sick.”

“I’m fine,” AJ said swallowing slowly “I just never really expected confessing my love for her would be a sting operation.”

“Well you made it that way AJ,” Joe smirked.

“I’m going in,” Mickie said pushing up her jacket sleeves “Wish me luck.”

Caelan laughed quietly as she leaned against Punk’s shoulder. The date was turning out much better than she could’ve ever imagined. Punk was the perfect gentlemen, they didn’t talk about anything she didn’t want to and he was able to make her laugh. Importantly he was able to make her forget about AJ. They were half way through the dinner course, Punk ordered for the both of them, getting Caelan her favorite Italian dish while Punk tried the same thing. She was having the best night, she couldn’t find a single thing that could ruin it.

“Caelan!” Mickie said breathless as she appeared at their table.

“Mickie!” Punk and Caelan said together looking at her confused.

“Mickie what is it? Did something happen? What’s wrong?” Caelan’s mind raced and for the first time in an hour AJ crossed her mind. What happened to him? Was he hurt? Was she never going to say good-bye to him? Something of that magnitude must’ve happened for her to show up unexpectedly at her date.

“I just need you to come with me,” She said holding out her hand for Caelan.

“Mick, I’m kinda in the middle of a date here,” Caelan said sternly as she looked at Punk, she wasn’t about to move out of her seat unless it was dire.

“Please Cae, just trust me please,” Mickie said pleadingly.

“Punk I better go see what’s the matter,” Caelan said quietly frowning at her date “Something could be wrong, you know how AJ and Joe can’t seem to do anything without me.”

“Sure, take your time,” Punk smiled moving out of her way so she could get up and go with Mickie.

“I’ll be back,” She said kissing Punk’s cheek quickly before following Mickie out of the restaurant “This better be damn good Mick, that was the best date I’ve had in years.”

“Trust me,” Mickie smirked back at her “This will be better.”

“What could be better than--” Caelan stopped in her tracks as she saw AJ standing a few feet in front of her. “Oh--oh, AJ what are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t let you go through with it,” AJ said weakly, his throat was dry, but he had to continue.

“Go through with what? AJ, I like Punk, I’m having a good time,” Caelan said slowly “If all you did was come here to ruin this date for me, that’s very low AJ! Low. I can’t believe you would do something like that!”

“Not to ruin!” AJ said desperately running up to her and cupping her face in his hands. “I could never hurt you.”

“But you have,” She said slowly “Oh so many times and you don’t even know AJ!”

“I want to change that,” He said quickly as he brushed his lips against hers. For a moment she didn’t react, she stiffened against him. His heart in his throat AJ didn’t know how to react, but then she returned the kiss with vigor. Breaking off the kiss AJ rested his forehead against hers “Caelan, I love you, you have no idea how much I love you. I’ve watched you from afar and I’ve loved you. Everything about you!”

“AJ,” Caelan said quietly, he heard her sob and he thought he might’ve ruined it but he didn’t want to say anything he waited for her to say more “I--I,”

“I waited to long didn’t I?” AJ asked defeated as he leg go of her face and backed away from her “You have Punk you want to be with Punk, I get it.”

“AJ,” She said shaking her head “This is all happening so fast. I don’t know what to say to you. You come here, when I’m on one of the best dates I’ve had in years, and finally declare your love for me--”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” He asked quietly “You wanted for me to finally tell you how I felt after all of these years? Well I did, why can’t you say it to me when you could so openly say it to Joe or Mickie?”

“Leave us out of this,” Joe called from behind AJ’s car as Caelan chuckled.

“I thought this would finalize things for us,” AJ finished slowly.

“AJ,” Caelan said weakly “I just can’t leave Punk.”

“But it’s just a date,” AJ said desperately “Have a lost you because of a random date by someone who could sleep with you then ditch you.”

“AJ honestly,” She said bitterly “But that’s not what I meant. I--don’t--I care of Punk, I really do.”

“And you want me to leave you two alone?” AJ asked.

“Would you stop,” Caelan said hitting him lightly as tears welled in her eyes “I’m trying to tell you AJ, that I love you, very much, more than anything you know. God I love you.”

She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and he crushed his lips against hers. At that moment the world seemed to revolve around them, and nothing mattered to either of them but that moment, that long awaited love kiss. Mickie and Joe smiled at their best friends and sighed in relief. Now they wouldn’t have to bother with being the in between for the two of them while they tried to get the other to confess. They knew that tonight they would be bunking together in the same hotel room, as Caelan and AJ would undoubtedly want to spent as much time together as they possibly could.


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