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Title: Maybe Fate Got It Wrong
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena / Brianna Pryce
Summary: John tries to make amends with Brianna, while Randy can't wait to go home to Saint Louis.
Warnings: Wrestling Violence, Cursing, Sex
Length: Medium
Word Count: 2,281
Chapter #: (5/20)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Okay this is a bit tricky. I spent SO long on the John and Brianna story for Nothing can Tear Us Apart & The Heights of Love that it got away from me. Half of the wrestlers aren't there or have sadly passed. So, this is a new story, with the same cannon just missing a few months. Throughout the story I will go back and do flashback chapters for key parts that have not been written about. Enjoy!

banner by nala @ TDA

Randy held Brianna's gaze as his lips hovered close to hers. Her fingers hadn't stopped moving across his shoulder, easing the pain that still ran through the abused joint. All he had to do was tilt his head a different way and he would be kissing her. He would be lying to himself if he didn't say he hadn't thought about it—he had, years ago, before she officially became John's, before the baby.

A startled cry broke the spell as he pulled away quickly turning his head to look at the blank TV. Brianna's hands stilled on his shoulder as she waited to see if her daughter would continue. Gabby let out a halfhearted cry before she fell back asleep. Brianna quickly dropped her hands from Randy's shoulder and moved off the bed. Randy looked at her pacing biting onto her thumb nail, and breathed a small sigh of relief. If he had kissed her it all would've been over—friendships, relationships everything. His heart still ached for her, for her touch and for her well being.

“That was stupid of me,” Brianna said quietly, still biting her thumb nail.

“Nothing happened,”

“Yes,” She breathed “Nothing. I should go back to bed. I have some thinking to do.”

“Yes,” Randy echoed, maybe it would be better to take a shower without her awake. “No need to rush in the morning, we're here for another day before we leave.”

He watched her silently bend over Gabby's bed and run her finger lightly down her baby's cheek before kissing her lightly. She climbed into the bed and pulled the covers over her lap but didn't lay down. Brianna sat ram-rod straight blindly reaching for her music player. A break would be nice, a day to think over things. Randy grabbed his bag with his good arm and turned toward the bathroom.

“Randy?” He looked over his shoulder, Brianna turned her head watching him. “Where are we going next?”

“Home,” He said instinctively. Brianna cocked her head to the side not understanding him. He laughed quietly “My Home, Saint Louis.” Brianna nodded and flopped onto her side pulling the covers over her head.

Randy frowned as he turned on the bathroom light and threw his bag on the counter. Leaning heavily on his right arm he looked into the mirror. A few days of scruff lingered over his face as he turned from side to side making sure none of John's hits caused any real bruising. Home, he was finally going home to a place of his own. Since the long travels he had secured himself a home, everything had been moved into it, at least that's what his parents said. He just had to make sure it was comfortable. Home.

John rolled on his side and stared at the alarm clock. The green light flashed two o'clock. The deafening silence rang in his ears as he threw the blankets off of himself and sat up. The room didn't feel the same without Brianna sleeping soundly next to him and the soft cries of Gabby from her baby dreams. He knew she was around, it took all of his strength not to go banging on every door on the floor to find her. Who would take her in? His mind reeled and he had to stop himself from slapping himself on the forehead. It was so obvious where she was—Randy.

The restlessness was instantly lifted from his body as he collapsed into the mass of pillows behind him. John didn't know why it took him hours to figure out where she is. Where else would she go? Who else was she close to? Rolling his eyes he remembered the brief conversation with Randy before storming out, he said she had left. How else would he know. Taking a deep breath he let it out slowly. He would go to her in the morning, it would be that simple. Brianna has a quick temper but can be quick to realize she made a mistake. That's all this argument was—a mistake.

Brianna sat on the bathroom floor her sleeves pushed up past her elbows watching Gabby splashing in the water. Her feet reached the water pooling around her as Brianna bathed her. The water was warm enough to let her sit and play for a little. Ever since her first bath Gabby loved the water. Bri grabbed the wash cloth and squirted the wash in the middle. She struggled washing her daughter's feet but laughed as she continued to kick water at her.

“She must really love the water.” Randy smiled, leaning against the bathroom door.

“You should've seen her first bath,” Brianna swallowed, shutting out that her first bath was in a hospital. “The nurse was so surprised that she wasn't crying. All the babies she had bathed screamed their lungs out.”

“We're going to have to buy that girl a pool by the time she's two,” Randy laughed. Brianna looked over her shoulder and smiled. The pronoun didn't escape her.

“I've already started to look into baby swimming classes—you know research them,” She frowned, realizing she wouldn't be able to find anything specific for a while.

“You might be able to look into them more in depth sooner than you think,” She heard Randy take a deep breath “Brianna I want you--”

Two loud and rough knocks echoed through the hotel room. Brianna's heart went into her throat as she threw a glance at Randy. Scowling he pushed himself off of the door frame and disappeared from view. Turning back to her baby Brianna grabbed the towel off of the side of the tub and laid it out on the floor. Lifting carefully she placed her in the towel, swaddling it around her and pulling the cap over her head. As she neared the door she heard low voices, whispering of two men. Taking a deep breath she knew who their visitor was.

“Let him in Randy,” She said slowly hugging her child closer.

“Brianna,” John's voice sounded hollow, she heard his foot falls the short way until he stood framed by the bathroom door.

“Hello John,” Brianna managed a small smile biting back the retort of missing another fatherly duty.

“Gabby,” He held out his arms carefully taking her into them. John kissed her head lightly. “Bri, why did you leave?”

“John,” Brianna pushed past him being careful of the baby. “You had an entire night to think about this and you still don't see what you did?”

“No I don't!” He looked at Randy who stood by the closed door, and handed over his daughter. “Why can't you just talk to me?”

“I've made it very clear what is wrong John,” Brianna threw herself down on her bed “I don't appreciate what you're doing.”

“What am I doing?” John pleaded kneeling down in front of her.

“You're acting like your single,” Brianna said through gritted teeth, it wasn't exactly why she was angry at him, but she wanted him to figure it out.


“You though that while I was bed ridden and in the hospital that I wouldn't read the dirt sheets? Or that our friends might be informing me?” Her glaze flickered for a second to Randy who was still holding her daughter. “God John what were you thinking?”

“I wasn't!” He grabbed her hands tightly, kissed both her wrists and held them to his chest “I was so scared for you and the baby. I was out of my mind with worry! I was drinking too much not even Randy could stop me.”

“Believe me I tried,” Randy said quietly as he moved to get Gabriella dressed. Brianna watched him as he handled her carefully. Putting on a fresh diaper and slipping her into a dress and leggings. A smile crossed her face. He was treating her like his own. Brianna looked down at her baby's father, his blue eyes intensified by the tears that threatened to fall. She never doubted John's love for her, just his loyalty to her. She shut her eyes fighting back the memories of reading about John's single escapades.

“John,” Her voice cracked as she looked down at him “I can't—I need to think about this, about us.”

“Why? We're getting married,” John stared at the engagement ring that adorned Brianna's left hand “You wear that ring to show that. I'm trying to honor our commitment.”

“If you were honoring it, you wouldn't have gone gallivanting around with other women,” Brianna pulled her hands away from John and gripped the bed spread to stop her hands from shaking. “I don't know if I know you anymore.”

“Bri, c'mon,” Randy said quietly as she threw him a glare “I was always there, nothing happened that you haven't seen him do on TV.” He said slowly, even though it pained him to lie. More than once he saw a drunken John kiss a co-worker or a random ring rat but he dragged him away before it lead to anything else.

“Brianna please, we can work this out, talk this out.” John wrapped his arms around her waist, she lifelessly placed her arms around him.

“John, we need more than to work this out. We need to,” Brianna swallowed and closed her eyes. Willing herself to finally say it aloud “We need to break up John.”

“No,” He clung to her, holding her tighter.

Brianna looked up at Randy, standing awkwardly near his bed holding Gabby. He placed her lightly in the middle of the bed and pulled two pillows around her. Walking up to John he grabbed him by the arm pulling him away. He didn't resist, but stood up slowly. He went lifeless, and Randy could see tears forming in the corner of his eyes. Brianna stood up when John had released her and stood by the window. John stared at her, Randy knew she was trying to make it easier for her by not looking at him.

John looked around the room lost, he picked up Gabby and held her close. He murmured words to his daughter as he kissed her face lightly. Gabby reached up her hands at her father's face smiling, not knowing he was being forced to leave her. He kissed her tiny hands and placed her lightly back on the bed. Slowly he walked to the door, he looked around one time to see Brianna's back toward him and his best friend staring at him sympathetically. John knew it was his own fault, but he didn't know how he could fix this. He shut the door quietly as Brianna dissolved into tears. Randy rushed up to her and wrapped his arms around her hugging her tightly.

“It's for the best I know,” Brianna grip tightened on Randy's shirt. “I have to be
able to support my daughter, and if he's going to be running around it's not the best life for her.”

“I'm always here Brianna,” Randy kissed the top of her head as he let get out her emotions. He knew this would be a good time to tell her, to make his decision.

“Thanks Randy,” She mumbled into his shirt. “I don't know what I'm going to do.”


“John, he was my life. My only way of survival,” She ignored him, backing away from him and rubbing the tear streaks from her cheeks. “I suppose I can go back to my parents and grovel for forgiveness. They have a granddaughter now they might be a bit more understanding, let me live at home with them while I get back on my feet.” Brianna cross the room, sitting on the bed next to her baby she picked her up. Kissing her she looked up at Randy who was studying her. “I have no prospects, I left school--”


“Maybe I can get credits transferred, I was in my last semester. Classes had barely started it could work out. Try to get some money to pay for it.”

“BRIANNA,” Randy said desperately.

“Randy. Oh I'm just scared for what's going to happen.” She shrugged smiling weakly “I'm homeless right now you know. At least I already have my cloths.”

“Stop being a martyr,” Randy smiled back at her “You know that I would never let anything bad happen to you or Gabby.”

“Yes, but I need to be out on my own. I'll find something.”

“Would you stop, please?” Randy sat down next to her and took Gabby from her arms. “I'm trying to tell you that I want you to move in with me. I don't care what John says, he lost his chance. I've got a big new house that needs a woman's touch.”

“Randy I don't,”

“No strings attached,” He hugged her with one arm and held Gabby tightly. “You need a place to stay,”

Brianna smiled as she kissed Randy's cheek lightly. She snuggled into his hug as she rubbed her daughter's cheek. She knew that John would not be happy about this, but John was no longer apart of her life and she would have to stop thinking about him. Moving in with Randy and being away from John was just the opportunity she needed to start moving on with her life.

Date: 2012-01-14 03:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HELL YES GO BRIANNA!!!!! It's about damned time she dumped John's whoring ass!!

EXCELLENT chapter...God you write Randy so well! He breaks my heart...

Date: 2012-01-18 04:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know, it was odd writing that scene I hope it came out okay.

Thankies. Sometimes I feel he is a bit OOC, but then again Real!Randy is going to be different from TV!Randy :)

Date: 2012-01-18 04:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The scene came out fine.

Real!Randall is gonna be COMPLETELY different from TV!Randall. Have you watched Randall's DVD yet & seen how he is off-screen? You've gotten him pretty accurate from what I've seen and I've seen him backstage (albeit almost 4 years ago) so trust me...


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