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Title: Maybe Fate Got It Wrong
Rating: R
Pairing/Character(s): John Cena / Brianna Pryce
Summary: Randy becomes more of the support system that Brianna is looking for while John brushes off warnings.
Warnings: Wrestling Violence, Cursing, Sex
Length: Medium
Word Count: 2,213
Chapter #: (4/20)
WIP or Complete: Work In Progress
Author's Note: Okay this is a bit tricky. I spent SO long on the John and Brianna story for Nothing can Tear Us Apart & The Heights of Love that it got away from me. Half of the wrestlers aren't there or have sadly passed. So, this is a new story, with the same cannon just missing a few months. Throughout the story I will go back and do flashback chapters for key parts that have not been written about. Enjoy!

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“Randy I don't want to be here anymore,” Brianna sighed into his locker room.

Randy looked at her from under his eye lashes as he tied up the laces of his boots. He did it instinctively as he watched her with his god-daughter. Gabriella was playing on her mat batting wildly at a few bright soft objects, giggling and laughing without a care in the world. His eyes slowly traveled up to her mother, who sat stone faced staring at the far corner of the room, seeing beyond what was actually happening in front of her. It was when she got like this that Randy truly worried about her. Quickly lacing the last few holes and tying it off, he shoved the laces away before looking up.

“If that's the case why don't you just go back to the hotel? I can see if I can leave after my match, I know you're not going to want to stay with John. Take my key,” Randy reached behind him for his wallet and pulled out his hotel room key and held it out to Brianna. Her eyes were still focused in the corner. She closed her eyes slowly taking a while to open them back and blinked a few times before focusing her attention to Randy. A smile tugged at her lips as her hand went out to take the key.

“That's not entirely what I meant,” She hugged the key to her chest with one hand as the other tugged gently on Gabby's booted foot. The baby wailed louder and bounced on her back. Her mother's smile became wider and her eyes harder as she looked back up at Randy. “I don't want to be on the road anymore, I don't want to do this. I don't want Gabby learning how to walk on a bus traveling across the country.” She paused and took a deep breath. “I want a house.”

“But your house hunting fell through when---”

“Yes,” Brianna cut him off quickly “And I was staying with John's parents. Not that they didn't pamper me, but, with John and I on the verge of collapse, staying at his parents house would be like making them choose sides.”

“Do you really think it's going to come to that?” Randy pushed himself out of the folding metal chair and walked over to the wall where Brianna sat. His boots echoed in the room as he slid down the wall to sit next to her. Brianna turned to look at him as he curled his legs under him and settled down next to her.

“You don't think you can talk this out?”

“How can we?” She shrugged quickly “He's changed, Randy. We were apart for a long time and in that time he managed to change everything about himself. How could he do that?”

“But you've been apart longer?”

“We were also younger, naïve. I wasn't four months pregnant when I had to go back to school. I prepared myself for this. He obviously didn't,” Brianna grabbed Gabby off of her mat and held her close. “I just want to get away.”

“Do you think he'll let you?” Randy put his arm around Brianna, his hand rubbing her shoulder lightly.

“Who said I was going to ask him?” Brianna spat, but shook her head quickly. “Maybe I should just go home.”

“Look, before you make any drastic decisions, go back to the hotel and get some rest. You're tired and it's never a good thing to do things when you're under stress. We'll talk about this later, okay?” Randy rubbed her shoulders, hoping his words were making a difference. Brianna nodded and balanced Gabriella on one hip as she gathered her mat and toys, Randy helping by neatly folding them into their carrying bag without having to be asked. Brianna smiled, the exhaustion Randy had alluded to hitting her suddenly. She was so grateful for Randy's stabilizing presence in their life. He was so often the voice of reason lately, more so than John had been in longer than Brianna could remember.

Randy watched his best friend's fiancee trudge out of the locker room and the arena, her attention focused on her daughter, and emotions tore through him. His heart ached for Brianna and Gabriella, both of them needing something that the responsible man in their life should be giving them. When he thought of John, anger replaced the ache he felt for the girls. Where the hell was he when his fiancee and his daughter so obviously needed them? John had so often called Randy the irresponsible one but here he was, being more a partner to Bri than John was and more of a father to Gabriella than John had been in her short life.

Randy worked through his warm-up exercises, his thoughts alternating from Brianna and Gabriella, hoping they made it safely to his hotel room and were resting, to one John Cena and being both furious and jealous that John had such happiness and joy and he was just letting it slip away. As he was stretching out his back he couldn't help but think how he could help Brianna, even if it meant that he might be choosing sides. But first he had to at least get John to see that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Grabbing his shirt from the back of the chair he quickly left his locker room in search for John.

John sat on the bench in his locker room and leaned back onto the wall. He hadn't seen Brianna and Gabriella since Bri stormed off and left him in the canteen. He frowned and rubbed his hands over his tired face. He still couldn't grasp the reason why Brianna freaked out over showing their daughter off. She should be proud, John thought, he was. Especially since she was born so early and has grown so big and strong. He shook his head slowly and pulled his hat further down his face. His match was coming up soon, but for once in his life he didn't feel like running out there and soaking in the cheers from the crowd.

“John,” Randy's voice broke through his thoughts as his fist hammered the door “Open up will you? We have to talk.”

“Go away Randy,” John said standing up and walking to the door, he know it would take more than that for his friend to leave him alone.

“Open the damn door,” He heard his best friend snarl through the door as he opened it. He was already dressed for their match his shirt slung over his shoulder. “Brianna left to go back the hotel room.”

“Nothing I can do,” John shrugged as Randy pushed past him.

“You could've gone after her!” Randy gestured in the vague direction of the back doors “For God sakes John, you really hurt her.”

“I was showing off our daughter to my coworkers, where is the harm in that?” John rolled his eyes walking past Randy and grabbing his sweat bands. “My daughter is a miracle, she needs to be shown.”

“Oh don't bring that shit into this,” Randy started to leave the room, realizing this was going to go in circles again. John just didn't get it. “John you know damn well as I do what goes on around here. How things work. Don't get caught up in it again. Before Brianna you were worse, it seems like you're retreating to that person again.”

“Thanks father,” John snorted, tugging on his sweat bands he pushed Randy into the hall. “I don't need you to tell me how to behave. I'm not a child.”

Randy watched John stalk down the hall toward the guerrilla area. “You sure as hell acting like one,” he breathed out pulling his shirt over his head. He quickly looked at the monitor in John's locker room, his match against John was next. He smirked, the only good thing about turning heel is beating up his friend. Maybe the match between them he could beat some sense into that dense brain of his. He stretched in spot quickly before following John toward the ring.

Randy pulled the bag higher on his shoulder trying to alleviate the pain that shot across his shoulder blades. His idea of beating some sense into John back fired on him terribly, he winced as he slipped the key card into the slot and opened the door. The room was dark, save for a light that came from the second double bed. The mobile above Gabby's bassinet. Randy smiled as he gingerly removed the bag from his shoulder. As he dropped it to the floor it caught his arm awkwardly.

“Shit,” Randy kicked the bag out of the way and fell onto his bed.


Turning his head to the side he saw Brianna's outline against the small light coming from the windows. He silently cursed to himself this time. She was under enough stress and needed her sleep. “Bri, go back to sleep.” Randy sighed as he sat up favoring his left arm. “I didn't mean to wake you.”

“You didn't,” The light flickered on quickly as Randy blinked his eyes readjusting. “I was just listening to some music.” She held up her music player lamely.

“Still, get some rest.” He smiled as he pushed himself off of the bed.

“Are you hurt?” Brianna flung the covers off of herself and rushed to his side. Her fingers felt feather light against his burning shoulder.

“Nothing I haven't suffered before,” He shrugged her hands from him as he used his right hand to push her away. “Ice and rest is what I need to do.”

“What happened?” Brianna frowned studying Randy. He bit his lip and shrugged his shoulders as he sat back down on the bed and pulled his bag toward him with his foot. “John did this to you on purpose didn't he? He knows I'm in your room doesn't he?”

“Oh God no, I said just that you were gone—but no, I tried to lets say, make him listen?” He laughed quietly as Brianna opened his bag for him and looked for his ice packs. She cracked one feeling it instantly cool in her grasp. “Didn't work out that way, I got dropped on my ass.”

“Randy,” She handed him the ice pack, he slung it on his shoulder and relaxed a little.

“Oh hush, it's just a dislocated shoulder,” He glared at her. “Go back to sleep will you? Ten minutes of ice and a nice hot shower will do me well.”

“You want me to massage it?” She sat down lightly next to him on the bed her hands reaching out carefully toward his shoulder.

Randy tensed when he felt her hands on him. He hoped she would think it was just his shoulder acting up. His mind traveled else were trying to get his mind off of his best friend's fiancee working wonders on his shoulder. He couldn't figure out where she learned this, if she had done the same thing to John. His eyes slowly drifted shut as his body started to react on it's own. Not even the trainers could make his shoulders feel so good, that quickly. Slowly he opened his eyes and turned toward her. Brianna looked up from her work smiling kindly at him. She removed the ice pack and moved higher on his shoulder as she moved closer to him. Randy's mind fogged over as he leaned in to rest his forehead on hers. They had done that many times before, but something felt different. His breath quickened as he leaned in closer.

John rested against the elevator wall grinning waiting for it to grind to a halt. All he wanted was to hold Gabby in his arms and kiss Brianna—forgetting the entire day. It was all just a bit misunderstanding and Brianna had to know that. John wasn't phased when Randy told him Brianna had left for the hotel before the show ended. She did that a lot when she was pregnant and tired. Maybe Gabby was getting fussy? As John walked down the hallway he couldn't help but notice how quiet the floor seemed. No cries from a baby meant that Gabby was sleeping quietly, maybe he would get to talk to Brianna without any interruptions. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the key card and pushed open the door.

“Brianna?!” John frowned walking into the dark room. His hand reached out for the light switch near the door. “Bri?” The light turned on exposing the empty room. Dropping his bags beside him he felt light headed. Everything was gone: Gabby's bassinet , her baby toys even Brianna's bag. Grabbing hold of the dresser he wobbled toward the bed and collapsed. John's head spun, he knew she couldn't be beyond this floor but she had actually left him.

Date: 2011-11-26 04:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wowza...maybe John caught a clue?? *smacks him* He sure as hell needs to. Excellent chapter, darlin. And to think you were having problems with it...

Date: 2011-12-03 04:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know I finally comment

AHAH we'll see. I really like writing him like this. Because he totally doesn't come off like this. I know that seems to always be the case. The ones I get stuck on, wham, turn out to be decent lol. Amazing.


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